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Erasmus+ project: Transnational Project Meeting in Siena

All members of the project "Digital Citizenship Education and Foreign Language Learning" will meet at Siena Italian Studies in September


The Erasmus+ project "DiCE.Lang" has now been running for a year. At the next Transnational Project Meeting in Siena, the full team will convene to engage in conceptualising, planning, and finalising emerging intellectual outputs. After having a year of digital project encounters and events, the whole project team is very pleased to finally have the chance to meet face-to-face. Participating partners include members from the LMU Munich, Siena Italian Studies, the University of Limerick, the University of Aveiro, and the University of Latvia. Our warm thank you goes to Prof. Lavinia Bracci and Prof. Fiora Biagi for hosting and organising the event at their institution, Siena Italian Studies. 


Update: 21st Sept 2021

Although, due to the Corona-situation still holding the world in its grasp, no partners from Latvia could attend the meeting, the partners from Ireland, Portugal, and Germany are enjoying the Italian sun and our host's, Siena Italian Studies, generous hospitality. The partners are moving forward in great strides, fleshing out concrete tasks for the upcoming months.

Finally meeting in person

Finally, an in-person meeting! :)