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Latvijas Universitate

Dr. Ireta Cekse

Ireta Cekse is a senior researcher (Doctor) in education management and international comparative studies.

From 2007, she has worked with the IEA International Civic and Citizenship Study, and from 2014 as the ICCS National Research Coordinator in Latvia.

She has considerable experience in carrying out and managing quantitative and qualitative studies.

Since 2017, as part of the post-doctoral studies (, 133 806 EUR, project leader) she has been studying the link between the level of Citizenship Education and values and safety.

Contact: Ireta.Cekse@lu.lv

Agita Klempere-Sipjagina

Agita Klempere-Sipjagina, Master of Science in Education, has been working as a lecturer at the FEPA since 2000.

She has experience in methodology of teaching social sciences in preschool and primary school, Global Citizenship Education and Sustainable Development.

She has taken part in several international projects connected with culture of learning, reducing teachers' drop-out rates, and developing capacity for teaching sustainable development.

Contact: aks@lu.lv

Anita Auzina

Anita Auzina, Master of Science in Education, has experience as a lecturer and teacher educator in pre-service and in-service teacher education at the FEPA.

A. Auzina has developed, piloted and evaluated open educational resources as an expert in various international projects: ERASMUS+ project “Open the Door to Europe” (2014-1-ES01-KA204- 004738, 148 328 EUR), the Lifelong Learning Programme project about ICT-based Learning Methodology and Content for Second Language Oral Expression Practice (543194-LLP-1- 2013-1-ES-KA2-KA2MP, 398 938 EUR).

Since 2020 she participates in the ERASMUS+KA2 Capacity Building for Higher Education project “EDUREFORM. Mitigating the Impact of Fourth Industrial Revolution on Indian Society: Education Reform for Future and In-service School Teachers” (609699-EPP-1-2020-1-IN-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP, 989 825 EUR).

Contact: Anita.auzina@lu.lv

Kaspars Kiris

Kaspars Kiris has been working as a lecturer for bachelor students at the FEPA since 2008. His lecture topics are Basics of Programming, Computer Graphics, Basics of Databases and WEB Technologies for ICT teachers and interior design students. He provides additional lectures of Teachers’ Self Evaluation and Education Environment for school teachers in Latvia.

Kaspars Kiris has broad experience in IT, WEB design and WEB technologies.

As a Master of Science in Education, he is also doing his doctoral studies.

In 2013, he was university project teacher and expert in introducing the digital e-gradebook and MOODLE environment for vocational schools in Latvia.

He is a former Latvian national expert of ECVET (Erasmus+ project EAC-2014-0039). He took part in Erasmus+ projects Personal & Shared Strategies for Teachers in Web 2.0 in 2014 and Traditional Wooden Constructions of Europe (www.trawcoe.com).

Contact: Kaspars.kiris@lu.lv

Diana Liepa

Contact: diana.liepa@lu.lv